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They also know you well enough to recognize you are busy and may not be great at stuff like this, and the fact you are taking control and making an effort is a big, big deal. what woman doesn’t like getting flowers for all her friends and coworkers to see how much you adore her?

7328t9735Jenny slowly stripped 3841down to her brief translucent pink panties, while continuing to smoothly sway her hips, and shake her boobies, to the pounding caned music, as she moved in to give the big, blond-haired guy seated before her, a lap-dance he would remember.

Murrow thusly: "We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty." Too bad far too many on the left do exactly that.

Because dissent is not necessarily disloyal, the left would have us believe that it cannot ever be accused of being disloyal. Though the accusation is often raised, I don't know anyone on the center-to-right who thinks that dissent is disloyal. The left projects its own intolerance of dissent onto others.

On the contrary, most women we surveyed love the idea!

Many have even said, “Tell my husband/boyfriend to sign me up!! Initially this was counterintuitive to us too, but then we did some further research and here is what we learned: Women love getting flowers.

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