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They only had a single day to study film of how West Virginia deploys its traps.

They also had no way to mimic the Mountaineers’ aggressiveness in practice.

), all scared their sports foes and rivals in different ways.

While some athletes play clean, they certainly aren't listed here.

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It’s truly hard to fathom that Bennett entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent.How intimidating would it be to go up to bat against a 6'10" pitcher who could throw a baseball 90 miles per hour?Probably pretty scary, but that was exactly what intimidating MLB pitcher Randy Johnson did.This list of the most intimidating athletes in recent memory ranks the top sports stars and players from any sport who simply scared the pants off their opponents.Whether it was their fastball, penchant for trash-talk, hard-hitting tackles, or ferocity on the ice, these athletes were truly intimidating, even startling fans and viewers at home with their fire.

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