Places to go dating in kl

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You have convinced yourself that you have finally met the man / woman of your dreams and that he / she is the one!You’re thinking that you should go about impressing that special someone in a not-so-cliché way; none of those candlelight dinners or walks by the beach kind of ho-hum activities!Forgo the typical dinner-and-movie date for one of these fun activities which will get you out and about, doing something that's both good for your body and great for your relationship.(Plus they're cheap / free) If you’re constantly cracking your brain on what to do with your significant other over the weekend, this should help.Well, we’ve done the legwork for you and here are 12 activities that you can do in Klang Valley for absolutely free of charge.A book exchange is a great way to get rid of old books that you have left lying on your shelves and has since collected dust.

It is such a cool place with one of the best views. Shopping – there are plenty of shopping malls in KL.

Then what on earth can you do that’s a sure-fire way to wow thy loved one without doing more damage to your already dwindling bank account?

It should be a no-holding-back kind of attitude when you want to win your sugarpie honeybun’s heart, yes? There really is no need to break the bank account open, since that person should be loving you for who you are and not for how fat your wallet is!

Do you often find you and your loved one going through a list of fun activities you could possibly do together, only to end up being couch potatoes over the latest Korean drama series or "The Walking Dead"?

In the event that you find yourselves, once again, cuddling up to each other in boredom, here is a list of 30 things you can do in KL as a couple!

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