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Scott told single young men, “Don’t waste time in idle pursuits. Don’t just coast through this period of life.” Days after President Monson’s speech, LDS leaders announced the disbanding of all student wards in Utah Valley and the formation of new all-single stakes and wards for people 18–30. is, after all, the goal of all these singles wards.” What challenges do LDS singles confront?The ’s Peggy Fletcher Stack connected this reorganization to the pro-marriage preaching in conference the week before, noting that persuading “young men and women to stop postponing marriage . Does being single in the Church promise more than becoming a “ministering angel” who will wait tables in the celestial kingdom, as Pat Bagley has humorously imagined? Basil of Caesarea did not simply read the Scriptures.This way of reading Scripture is exemplified by Basil’s series of homilies on the six days of creation, the .By 1843, Joseph Smith was privately marrying plural wives and teaching that only those married for eternity by the power of the priesthood would “have an increase” in the resurrection.As soon as Mormons settled in the West, Church leaders vigorously promoted marriage as the only way for men—naturally sinful and lazy—to become devout Christians, righteous patriarchs, and productive citizens.

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Legend has it that the Culinary Department's men's potty resembles the last days of the Roman Empire. A fistful of weeks ago, you were hand-in-hand with your fag hag, dodging the fag-murderous football team and denying every minute of it. You're in college now, on the bright and naughty verge of a big gay adventure that promises to probably seriously fuck you up forever--a wondrous world in which that laptop your parents are still making payments on plus a screen name containing "student" or "college" or "boi" are the only ingredients necessary to assure an active social life.But you need a little help getting started, don't you? Read carefully then, and consider this the most important lesson you'll ever learn. ON CAMPUS Classes, Coffee Shops, Dorms: If you're out and reasonably presentable, you'll find yourself meeting other out gay and lesbian students just about everywhere you go.Find one you like, go on a few dates, get to know each other, have some sex, meet their parents, move in, adopt a child, stop having sex, grow old, die.It's worked for straight people for millions of years and nowadays it can work for you too.

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