Validating email address php

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The entire check will take less than 2 seconds to run and you can make sure that the email is correct.2) If email was present the server will respond with a 250 instead of 550 3) There are certain servers with a CATCH ALL email and this means all email address are accepted as valid on their servers (RARE but some servers do have this setting).Seems like everyone and their brother has published one of these.We're doing the same, combining two different methods we've seen.

@hbattat has written a wrapper PHP library that can be used to determine if an email address is real or not.

From cluttering up databases with invalid information, to sending newsletters or similar content to email addresses at nonexistent domains, headaches are surely going to come up from receiving fake email.

Several approaches can be taken to address the problem, depending on the level of complexity desired for the validation itself.

A regular expression to match most email addresses, exotic ones would likely be missed.

Then a dns lookup is done, to validate their domain.

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